February 19, 2013
blog moved!

Hi guys, I’ve started a new drawing blog over here at: http://lucydrawssometimes.tumblr.com/ ! I plan to post fanart to multiple fandoms so unfortunately it is not solely dedicated to Homestuck anymore (although I still love Homestuck so stay tunedddd). Anyway, thanks for all the likes and followers on this blog, it was really fun! =)

October 3, 2012

izzymuldoone said: hey! i just stumbled on your blog and your art is... really really awesome! :3 brfore i ask my request do you do sfw only or would you try nsfw ?

hi! i only do sfw, sorry! also, for requests in general, i’ve been slow on responding to them because i don’t have as much time to draw anymore due to school. with all this being said, you can still make a request and i will try my best to draw them out when I find some time! maybe after midterms….. ehe. =(

June 18, 2012
aradia + sollux

June 12, 2012
rose sketch

just to let you blog visitors know that i am N OT DE A D, YO

but I am in a bad drawing slump, as you can tell by this drawing… i don’t quite like it but i feel like i can’t not put it up

May 30, 2012

hydrothermal said: Are you still doing this thing, or are you dead? >:?

hi! no i’m not dead, i’ve just been in a drawing slump, LOL. if you have any drawing requests on homestuck, feel free to send them to me! i’d be more than happy to draw them =)

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April 29, 2012
jade, dave a little ooc-ish

April 29, 2012
an afternoon nap

bro was gonna sneak attack!!! him, but he decided to let dave have his nap instead

April 28, 2012
adult dave and rose, alpha session!

since their character designs weren’t fullly revealed, i just took liberties.

March 25, 2012

Anonymous said: Draw JohnxNepeta?

sorry this took so long, anon! =) here’s your request! hopefully you see this~

March 11, 2012

sorry i’m not even sure how to draw homestuck anymore 8(….

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